Organic Outdoor Cannabis Soil

Rogue Soil Rocket Fuel Soil

Thanks to our loyal customers, Oregon Garden Warehouse in Medford, Oregon has been selling out of Rocket Fuel (Our Flagship Soil) every week!

Experienced growers know that you don’t go cheap on soil. Making high quality soil requires high quality materials and nutrients, blended and manufactured with consistency.

Don’t risk your whole season on “Value” soil. That cheap soil will fight you the entire season and require extensive knowledge and experience in soil science to diagnose problems and implement fixes in a timely manner.

Leave all that work up to us and use the best soil available, Rogue Soil Rocket Fuel

Organic Garden Soil

Taking delivery of a flatbed truck filled with Rogue Soil Rocket Fuel.

 Can you imagine how much Cannabis is gonna be grown in all this soil?!

“That ain’t goin’ nowhere’” says every man after tightening a ratchet strap.

(Never mind Forrests Subaru on fire back there, that’s normal.)

Garden Soil Delivery

Customer soil order being loaded for delivery to the farm.

We offer delivery to most of Northern California and Oregon.