Choosing The Right Soil For Outdoor Growing

Outdoor planting season is rapidly approaching, so getting your soil in beds or pots should be your immediate priority. Especially if you run cover crops. April and May are great months to seed your soil due to the rainy conditions we see in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Getting your soil set early allows for the mycelium to develop the fungal hyphae network that will feed your plants non soluble nutrients for the entire season. (For More, see our “Soil Food Web” Blog Post)

Rogue Soil manufactures 3, top notch blends (2 of which are seasonal for just this purpose) for outdoor growing.

We provide this chart to make your planning/budgeting as easy as possible.

Choose a soil blend that works for you and come by and pick it up or arrange to have it delivered with our extensive fleet of equipment.

We have just completed manufacturing and delivering 6,000 yards of bulk soil, so we are sure we can handle any size project anywhere in the Northern California and Southern Oregon areas.

Soil For Growing Cannabis Outdoors