Bagged Soil

We offer bagged soil in individual bags or whole pallets

Soil Totes offer less waste and convenience of easy bulk loading/unloading

Bulk Soil

Bulk soil is the zero waste option and best pricing.

At Oregon Garden Warehouse we offer soil in 3 ways.

  • Bagged
  • Totes
  • Bulk

Bagged Soil: Great option for smaller projects and those who do not have a way to carry large volumes of soil in their own vehicle and chose to save money on delivery. Even a small vehicle can make multiple trips with bagged soil. Pallets of bagged soil are great for when soil is delivered on the pallet and must be moved by hand into greenhouses or indoor facilities.

Totes of Soil: Soil totes are the cleanest and easiest way to deliver soil with very little waste. Totes can be re-used. Customers can pic up or have totes delivered. Totes are very easy to offload and deliver to greenhouses or garden beds easily with a small tractor. There is very little spill waste when moving using this method.

Bulk Soil: Bulk soil is the least expensive option and basically the only option for huge farms. Zero waste and lower cost makes this the best option for large recreational farms with over 20 greenhouses.

However you want your soil packaged, we can make arrangements for you to pick up or for us to deliver with our large fleet of heavy equipment and talented truck drivers.