Why Gardeners & Homesteaders Love Oregon Garden Warehouse

Homesteading & Gardening SuppliesLots of gardeners and homesteaders walk through these doors. As a matter of fact, I was just given a jar of dank BBQ sauce from a customer looking to fill some garden beds. Homesteading (Building a self sufficient property, with the focus on Food, Water and Shelter) is becoming more and more popular over the years. The past few years really lit a fire under peoples butts to jump into this lifestyle. As I always say “I eat food every day, I should probably be growing it” With food prices rising steadily, it makes more sense every day to start providing for yourself and save that money for other things.

Oregon Garden Warehouse stocks Fill Dirt, Topsoil, Garden Blend Soil, Bark Fines (Great Soil Conditioner) as well as 3/4″ Bark, which is perfect for garden paths as a weed block when used in conjunction with a cardboard base layer.

We offer delivery which can be a game changer for small homesteads and gardeners that may not have heavy equipment that can handle larger jobs like filling lots of garden beds.

We are centrally located in Southern Medford with a large facility that’s always stocked with soil, mulch and rocks/gravel.

Come by the shop or give us a call. We have a homesteading and gardening expert (15 years experience) on hand daily to answer any questions, even if its about things we do not sell.